Orchestrate a seamless workflow by integrating multiple AI tools into one comprehensive solution

Struggling with too many AI tools and manual content posting?

Seamlessly create and post HTML content, videos, images, PDFs, and infographics across Social Media channels, YouTube, and WordPress — all at lightning speed with ContentRocket.

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ContentRocket saves you over 10 hours each week on content creation. Enjoy more freedom as you effortlessly generate HTML, images, PDFs, infographics, and videos.

With our all-in-one solution, uploading to WordPress and YouTube by combining the APIs with AI, complete with tags, links and categories, is fully automated!

Analyzing your own data

Effortlessly upload manuals, quotations, facts and other pertinent documents to generate insightful topics for your content.

If you’re overwhelmed with content but struggling to pinpoint the perfect subjects, let ContentRocket take the reins. Leveraging the latest AI models, we expertly sift through a vast array of information to identify relevant topics for you. Plus, ContentRocket skillfully positions links in just the right spots, enhancing your internal linking strategy.

Content Rocket Input Functionality
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Choose the perfect video and image templates.

Quickly craft your assets from carefully selected templates and jumpstart your content creation process.

With your template selection, ContentRocket customizes colors to match your logo, integrates your chosen background music and videos, and ensures images and videos feature the correct header and description layers. Your contact details are neatly displayed in the footer. Plus, alongside your main image and video, a thumbnail is created for easy YouTube uploads and more.

Download Your Crafted Assets

Unlock a world of stunning images, thumbnails, PDF documents, infographics, and videos—all set for download

With a Business subscription, your assets are automatically uploaded to your WordPress site. Through our API, images seamlessly integrate into WordPress’s Media section. Videos, complete with thumbnails, descriptions, and tags, are directly uploaded to your YouTube channel. Plus, the YouTube URL, along with PDFs and infographics, are automatically linked back to your WordPress page. Experience significant time savings with our fully automated process!

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Experience Unparalleled AI Voices

Elevate your content with the finest AI-generated voiceovers available in your preferred language.

Our extensive selection of voices is ready to bring your scripted text to life, using the most advanced models and your specific prompts. Embedded seamlessly within your videos, these voices offer a dynamic and engaging auditory experience. Sample our top picks, such as Alice, Liam, Sam, Brian, and Chris from Elevenlabs, and discover the perfect narrator for your project. Elevate your content’s impact with unmatched clarity and emotion.

Elevate Your Agency with the ContentRocket Agency Plan

Unlock the full potential of content creation and management with the ContentRocket Agency Plan. Designed specifically for SEO and marketing agencies, this plan empowers you to efficiently manage your clients’ portfolios. With the ability to upload data and facts seamlessly, you can generate all necessary assets in one go. The plan offers advanced control over the creation process, allowing you to manage related prompts to craft stunning, engaging content assets.

Integration is key with the ContentRocket Agency Plan. You can connect through our API or utilize the import/export function for effortless data handling. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt the platform to your agency’s specific workflow, making it an ideal white-labeled solution. Elevate your agency’s offerings and streamline your content creation process with ease, all under your own brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use it for?

ContentRocket serves as an advanced AI orchestrator, seamlessly integrating various AI tools into one comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize your content creation process. With ContentRocket, you can effortlessly generate and distribute content across multiple platforms. Whether it’s updating your WordPress site, enhancing your e-commerce presence on Lightspeed, or automatically uploading videos to YouTube, ContentRocket streamlines these tasks to save you considerable time. Moreover, our platform stands out by offering the capability to update existing posts with new, relevant content derived from insights gained through Google Search Console. This ensures your content remains current and maximizes engagement with your audience.

What is an -asset- in ContentRocket?

In the context of ContentRocket, an “asset” refers to various forms of digital content created and optimized to enhance your online presence. This includes a wide array of outputs such as:

  • HTML content for web pages
  • Descriptive elements like titles, tags, and summaries
  • AI-generated voiceovers for multimedia content
  • YouTube videos, complete with background music and video elements
  • Comprehensive video descriptions
  • Main images featuring headers and summaries for visual appeal
  • Thumbnail images designed with engaging text layers
  • Infographics that visually represent your HTML content
  • PDF flyers for promotional or informational purposes

Each asset is crafted to support and amplify your digital marketing efforts, ensuring your content is engaging, informative, and optimized for distribution across various online platforms.

Can ContentRocket guarantee a significant increase in clicks?

While we cannot guarantee a specific number of clicks, our users often experience a substantial increase in views when they post content regularly through ContentRocket. It’s important to remember that Google uses a wide range of metrics to determine the ranking of your posts. However, content published on authoritative domains is more likely to attract views. Besides enhancing your visibility on Google, ContentRocket also enables you to maintain an active presence on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. This broadens your reach and keeps your audience engaged across a variety of topics, further increasing the potential for clicks and views.

Can I cancel my subscription

Log in to your account, head to the Billing page, and cancel the subscription from there.

You’ll keep access until the end of your current billing period.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, but we don’t offer refunds. If you are unhappy with the product, please contact us and we will do our best help you figure it out.

Billing is always monthly so you are not locked in to a long-term subscription.


Orchestrate a seamless workflow by integrating multiple AI tools into one comprehensive solution

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